Morocco – By Mamolewa Julian Mamabolo

Even with Marrakech’s character, culture and incredible entrepreneurial spirit, my highlight was by far Camel riding in La Palmeraie. I was honestly just: “Doing it for the culture” and had no idea what a profound impact it would have on how I perceive life moving forward.

The word Palmeraie means palm grove and there are many in the area. These palm trees are growing and glowing in a desert! It was only after doing some reading that I learnt how common it is for Palm trees to grow in deserts. Before my trip, I didn’t expect to find life in a dead place. For dry spaces to make room for birth? La Palmeraie was a paradigm shift. 

I’ve since found comfort in knowing that (although ideal), we don’t necessarily need new environments in order to mature. That as the quote on the timeline goes, we can and must: “Grow where we are planted.” La Palmeraie reminded me to start where I am with what I have, instead of drowning in frustration waiting for the “perfect” circumstances.

And although my desire will always be to be planted in Eden, until that happens, I will be a palm tree in the desert.

By: Mamolewa Julian Mamabolo

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