Before We Hit The Ground Running…

Before we hit the ground running, a good starting point is exploring the importance of exercise from a biological point of view. Closely linked to exercise is nutrition and physiology – it would be futile to have a conversation about one without the other.

Even so, as humans we are far more than the biology explained by nutrition science and exercise physiology. We are also social beings whose behaviors and habits are influenced by our environment and personalities.

In this section of #ReadRunTravel, we will have conversations about the races that happen in South Africa and meet some of the people who run them. In addition to that we will talk about everything exercise related – the science behind our bodies from credible sources.

Before we get started let’s talk about the reason we run. Being in touch with the inspiration for the action is crucial for those uphill struggles when quitting makes better sense than enduring the strain. Like with many things in life, people are different and these differences mean that there isn’t a universal reason for hitting the tracks. The reasons may range from competition, to routine, to weight loss, to fitness, to socializing, to no reason at all! The reasons are all personal, something that we must sit by ourselves and reflect on. Knowing why is essential because running requires consistency, motivation, goal orientation and persistence. 

Why do you run? If not, why do you not?

2 thoughts on “Before We Hit The Ground Running…”

  1. Running gives me purpose, and my number 1 is to always get to the finish line, a very important life lesson to keep . My number 2 is physical and mental fulfillment , its meant to be a lifestyle that ultimately sustains my well- being.

    1. You and me both! I love the mental challenge that running long distance provides – it’s a battle between the two parts of you, the one that wants to give up and the one that wants to finish and it’s always such a joy to cross the finish line. And know you’ve burnt some calories and improved fitness at the end. Keep running!

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